Over World Scout Moot 2017

Van 25 juli tot en met 2 augustus 2017 vindt World Scout Moot plaats. We staan
aan het begin van een nieuw avontuur in de zomer van 2017. Na Canada, Kenia,
Mexico, Taiwan en Zweden is nu IJsland het gastland van World Scout Moot.
Benieuwd naar wat World Scout Moot inhoudt? Wil je weten of het misschien iets
voor jou is en wat je kunt verwachten als deelnemer of IST'er? Houd dan deze site
in de gaten. Ook deze editie wordt onvergetelijk, uitdagend en oergezellig, dus mis het niet!

World Scout Moot begint op 25 juli met een openingsceremonie met alle deelnemers in Reykjavik. Daarna vertrekken de patrols, afhankelijk van hun keuze voor het thema, naar diverse kampen in de omliggende omgeving. Dit onderdeel van World Scout Moot is de Expedition. Er zullen verschillende soorten locaties zijn met verschillende programma’s. Elke deelnemer kiest zelf op basis van interesse welke Expedition bij hem of haar past. Na de Expedition volgt de Althingi, een kamp waarbij iedereen samenkomt en er verschillende activiteiten op het programma staan. Er wordt afgesloten met een sluitingsceremonie op 2 augustus 2017.

The Educational objectives

As an educational event of WOSM, the objectives of the Moot are for the participants to:

  • Develop their understanding and experience of belonging to a world wide movement of Scouts.
  • Be challenged by new perspectives of culture, origin, ideas, behaviour and experience.
  • Experience the influence and power of nature and the environment on everyday life.
  • Be challenged to think about their lifestyle and its impact on the environment and on their individual health.
  • Think about their place as world citizens and the rights and responsibilities that go with it. 

The 15th World Scout Moot takes place from Tuesday morning 25th July 2017 to late afternoon on Wednesday 2nd August. *Note IST will begin work on the 23rd July and finish on the 4th of August. 

There are two main aspects of the programme:

  • Expeditions
  • Althingi

The Moot program starts with an opening ceremony in the capital city of Reykjavík in the morning of 25th July. Participants will then spend the day in the capital area, taking part in an organised program.  In the afternoon the participants will be transported to one their Expedition centers where they will spend the next four days.


The camps will be in different locations along the southern coast of Iceland, with each location offering different program elements.
There are 11 Expedition centers, most of which are only a two hour drive from the location of the opening ceremony.

The programme in each Expedition center is based on local possibilities.

There are three common programme themes:

C – Culture and community involvement
A – Physical activities and adventure
N – Nature and environment

Participants will be allocated to an Expedition center based on their preference for the types of activities they would like to do and their duration, for example, 2 days hiking, 1 day community work and two half days learning about the local nature.

You will be put in an International Patrol of ten people based on the Expedition you are on.


On Saturday, 29th of July, all the participants will be transported to the Úlfljótsvatn Scout Centre for the third part of the Moot, which is called Althingi.

The program at Althingi will include an International Day, workshops, roundtable discussions, campfires, diverse cultural activities and plenty of fun. 
There will be five programme villages: Dragon, Eagle, Giant, Bull and Yggdrasill. Participants will be allocated times to visit each programme village with their international patrol.

  • Dragon Village – Change through art and innovation
  • Eagle Village – Change through time. Mainly small activities divided into 4 periods in Icelandic history.
  • Giant Village – Change through body and soul
  • Bull Village – Change through environment. Activities to make participants aware of the nature and how they can do better in their part of the world.
  • Yggdrassil (Faith and Beliefs Village) –  Change through dialogue and respect

*IST will have the opportunity to attend special evening programme in the programme villages.

Evening Programme

  • Cafés
  • live music
  • Karoake
  • Café RadioScout
  • Discos
  • Yggdrasill is open all the time

Participants will also have the opportunity to apply to attend the Youth Forum if they wish. It is a full day activity. Resolutions from the Youth Forum will be taken to the World Scout Youth Forum in Baku in August 2017. It will take place at Thingvellir, the location of the first parliament in Iceland.

The Closing Ceremony of the 15th World Scout Moot 2017 will be in the afternoon of August 2nd.